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Postcolonial Concern In Achebe’s Novels Essay

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So many words have been uttered while discussing of postcolonial studies, as it is a post modern way of intellectual discourse which shows analysis of the cultural legacies of colonialism and imperialism. In simplest and most familiar way, the hyphenated term post colonial means post or after the colonial period and it indicates something that happened after the end of formal colonization. Post-colonial has become useful because it raises large and important questions. Therefore, the widest definition of post colonial fiction easily includes Chinua Achebe’s novels. Postcolonial study delineates all aspects of the colonial process from the beginning to the end of colonial contact. Chinua ...view middle of the document...

His second novel focuses on Igbo village life during 1920s. Obi Okonkwo, the grandson of the protagonist of Achebe’s first novel, combines his traditional Igbo upbringing with his British education and affluent lifestyle in Lagos daring the late 1950s. His third novel, Arrow of God traces on Ezeulu, a spiritual leader, whose son Oduche attends a missionary school to learn about Western society and technology. When Oduche comes home, he kills a sacred python, which turn into a chain of events culminating in Ezeulu’s loss of his position as high priest and his detention by British authorities. Achebe’s fourth novel focuses on the suffering of Nigerian teacher who joins a political group working to erase a corrupt bureaucrat from office. Achebe’s Anthills of the Savannah explains the terrible results for society, when individual responsibility and power are recklessly exploited. In this novel, Achebe has paid more attention towards the development and role of the women characters.

Things fall Apart was first novel written by Chinua Achebe in 1958, two years prior Nigeria’s independence in 1960. Things fall Apart is a complex heterogeneous, hybrid, multi-layered and significant novel. The novel does not only make aware of written texts, but also about yet an written texts like the District Commissioner’s yet unfulfilled literary project The pacification of the primitive Tribes of the lower Niger. District commissioner’s book still hangs fire at the end of Thing fall Apart, which depicts his conduct and attitudes. It is not so difficult to imagine that what kind of book he could write. Though, it would be grand work of grand history it might offer general history of colorization of Central and West Africa but not close to primitives who are its professed subject. Achebe in Things fall Apart has worn out binary oppositions of white and black man and woman settler and native, outside and inside, us and them, metropolitan and indigenous, centre and margin and so on. Indeed, problems of crossed identity imposed inferiority and hatred on the colorized people.

Chinua Achebe’s novel No Longer at Ease is published in 1960, the year of Nigeria’s Independence. The novel depicts both sides the British rule of Nigeria and the country’s independence. It was a transitional period during which the British were leaving country and the natives were gating freedom for their own lives. No Longer At Ease is a significant novel because it is a piece of post colonial literature. It shows problems like education, language, the conflict between traditional ways and European ways, the availability of British and corruption. The people who returns to the land of the colonizer, faces some new problems such as memory, nostalgia for home and will for homeland. When obi returns from his studies in England, he was an honest young man. He took a high paying job in the civil service but his salary was not sufficient to fulfill his financial demands. Ultimately, he...

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