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Post Ww2 Aircraft Manufacturing Problems Essay

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Aviation Manufacturing Challenges Post World War II
Jason Weber
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Aviation Manufacturing Challenges Post World War II
I. Summary
The American aviation industry was in an uncertain era post World War II (WW2). Aircraft manufacturers were suffering large loses as the demand for planes dropped sharply and the market was flooded. This created more supply than demand. Manufactures expected government sales to decline and braced for it. They hinged their hopes on the need for commercial aviation transportation which never came to fruition (Bright, 1978). The resurgence for the industry came in the form of the jet engine. The Navy, being conservative and ...view middle of the document...

” (Production: The Payoff, para 6).
IV. Development of Alternative Actions
Alternative Action 1. Use of large hydraulic presses to form or extrude aircraft parts.
Advantages. The U.S. had built huge presses that could exert up to 50,000 tons of force that could serially create one large piece that previously would have been made up of thousands of pieces (Converse, 2012). “For example, 4 one-piece wing spars fabricated for the F–102 by one of these machines replaced almost 3,500 parts (including 3,200 rivets) that had been needed when traditional construction techniques were used” (Bright, 1978).
Disadvantages. Presses were not numerous and supply could not meet demand. By the end of the 1950’s the Air Force operated only nine due to funding cuts (Nalty, 1997). The forging process inherently produces parts with less tolerance than what was required at the time.
Alternative Action 2. Use of numerically controlled machine tools for aircraft parts.
Advantages. The numerically controlled machines could achieve more precise tolerances and speed the aerospace industry required with repeatability (rearm).
Disadvantages. Numerically controlled machines was an emerging technology. The research and development costs were extremely high, and the control systems are very costly (Rajput,...

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