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Post Stroke Essay

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When a person has a high blood pressure and it is not kept under control by treating it then it increases the chances of having a stroke. Having a high blood pressure is the biggest reason and factor which causes stokes. The 50 percent of strokes that occur are due to some blockage called the ischemic stroke. It also increases the chances of bleeding occurring in the brain which is called the hemorrhagic stroke (Willmot, Leonardi-Bee, & Bath, 2004). Having a high blood pressure puts a lot of pressure and strain on the blood vessels throughout the body which includes the ones which lead to the brain. Due to which, the heart has to work hard in order to make sure that the ...view middle of the document...

Having the TIA increases the risk of having a very severe stroke in the future (Leonardi-Bee, Bath, Phillips, & Sandercock, 2002).
Treatment of a stroke
There are various ways through which the cause of the stroke can be treated to prevent the occurrence of another stroke. There are strokes that can be treated with medicine in order to break up the clots in the brain and to make sure that other clots don’t form. There are strokes that can be treated with surgery to bypass any vessels that had been burst. People who are faced with a stroke can recover by the help of health professionals who can help the patients in regaining the abilities that they have lost and to make sure that another stroke will not occur (Wolf, 1998). Having a high blood pressure is a major reason for having a stroke. If the blood pressure can be reduced through changes in the lifestyle and medicines it can reduces the chances of stroke. If the patient has high cholesterol then it is pertinent that it treated. Having high blood pressure and high cholesterol increases the chances of having a stroke so steps should be taken to take them down (Kernan et al., 2014). Reasons such as unhealthy diet, smoking, being overweight also becomes the reason of having a high blood pressure and subsequently a stroke.
This study is going to target stroke patients of over 60 years of age. Having a high blood pressure is the very common reason of why strokes occur in patients. It is very necessary to let the patients know how they can overcome and get past the disease that they are facing. This is the reason that this issue has been undertaken in this study because it is being faced by many people around the world.
Hypertension Management Post Stroke
There are three key questions that need to be answered in the diagnosis of hypertension. These questions are asked in order to find out whether there does a secondary from of hypertension exist? Are there risks that are linked with the cardiovascular and does any organ damage exist? When it is recognized that there exists hypertension it directs curative therapy and gives insights as to how therapy can be guided which includes renal artery stenosis and the use of medications (WHITE, 2011). It is important to understand that the identification of the existence of cardiovascular risk factors is very important for two reasons. First, such medications have to be avoided that can cause or worsen a factor. Secondly, the presence of other risk factors may increase the risk factors.
Health Belief Model
This study aims at empowering the patients to take control of their lives by controlling the factors that can affect their health. For this purpose, the Health Belief Model (HBM) will be used which is an interpersonal theory used in the promotion of health and in designing intervention and prevention programs. It was formulated in the 1950’s and is used in intervention science. This was formed in the reaction to a free but failed tuberculosis...

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