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Post Implementation Review Assignment #3 Description Of The Relevant Information Technologies

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Description of the relevant information technologies

Post Implementation Review
Assignment #3 Description of the relevant information technologies
In this third assignment of the post-implementation review, student teams will describe the technical infrastructure of the information system project that is being studied (3-4 pages) by responding in detail to the following questions.
What hardware/operating system platform is being used for this application?
Describe the application architecture (centralized, distributed, client server) and infrastructure ...view middle of the document...

What database management system is used?
b. Is data from this application integrated with any of the organization's other
information systems?
c. If not, why isn't it?
d. If yes, how is it accomplished?
e. How are data back-up requirements being addressed?
Is any part of this application integrated with any of the organization's other information systems?
Which ones? How are they integrated? 
If the subject application is completely separate, what is the reason it isn't integrated with any of the organization's other information systems?
What telecommunications or network components are being used for this application?
Is an intranet or extranet being used? 
Does the application use the Internet? 
Is there a firewall? What other protection is there for internet applications?
Are any special skills, training, or expertise necessary to use this application?
Does the organization staff have those skills and expertise?
If not, what actions have the organization taken to acquire them?
Does the organization have a formal process for tracking hardware, software, network and database components?
Bar coding hardware (RFID Tracking)
List of software licenses
Does the IT organization measure resource use and project capacity requirements as a planning issue?

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