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Positive Negative Reactions 4 Functions Essay

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Preview: ... xperience growth. Positive and Negative Reactions Everything in life has pros and cons. Â There are positives aspects and negative aspects on each of these controls mechanisms. The negative characteristics are ( Bateman, & Snell, 2009, Ch.16.) : In the Bureaucratic form, the opposites argue that it would be great if people were robots, because this control does not take the human elements of behavior, and emotions into consideration. People usually put up strong resistance to control systems in any organization. They like to engage in trying to beat the system. This is negative behavior. Sometimes control systems can be viewed as an invasion of privacy and could lead to ...view middle of the document...

On the other side, there are some good reasons for the control mechanisms in a business. They are ( Bateman, & Snell, 2009, Ch.16.): Bureaucratic control can work well provided that the managers in charge, have been trained, and know their job, and have been selected to be in management because of their skills, not who they know. A company that has strong reporting in earnings and numbers are good, can lead to bigger budgets, and more quality training, the purchasing of new equipment, and more salary. Clan control helps employees meet performance Standards when they learn to embrace new cultures. Control mechanisms are always pertinent to the survival of any company, provided they are using the one that fits most with their structure Impacts of Control Mechanisms The Management is responsible for deciding the path the organization will go in, and everything in terms of accomplishing their objectives. In accomplishing all that is needed, management implements certain control mechanisms at their discretion. Here are a few worth mentioning. They are: Technology, Bureaucratic, Financial, and the business processing control mechanism. (Quality Control) (Apollo group, 2009) Â Â Â Â Â There is the controlling by use of technology. As a technique for improving their margin of profit, Wal-Mart has taken matter into their own hands when it comes to their relationship with their suppliers. They are telling the other companies how they can help Wal-Mart sell more. This is possible because they are telling them how to handle their inventory in a more efficient manner, and upon occasion, they direct the other companies in ways of shipping and r ...

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