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Create a Plan for Positive Influence
The purpose of this paper is to describe how a positive influence plan can take an organization to success. Promoting positive moods within the team members will exist by the team leader. The team understands the objectives of the task, which has to be accomplished, is a very important element in a plan. The team members need to understand the purpose of the task and how the project can benefit them as well as the organization; this will motivate the team members as a whole.
The team members are willing to indentify the job and actively participate in accomplishing the stated tasks. The team members increase their performance as they identify ...view middle of the document...

Employee job satisfaction surely matters a lot to the organization. Because the unsatisfied employees or the team members lead to disinterest in their work and it would cost a lot to the organization. The job satisfaction must be included in the plan, which will help the business to progress and grow as well as it will assist the team members improve their job satisfaction levels. The nature of the policy of administration and its supervision, the work environment and its culture, salary and benefits, interpersonal relationships with the management, colleagues or subordinates may lead to decreased levels of performance and necessarily lead to job dissatisfaction.
To prevent above, the team leader should conduct team sessions and ask them to highlight those factors that would affect their job performance. This would help the team leader analyze the factors that the team members consider to be important for increasing their job satisfaction levels. The team leader will apply these factors in the plan to increasing the team’s satisfaction levels.
To increase the team’s job satisfaction levels and performance, a team leader should efficiently try to resolve the issues so that the teams’ progress is not delayed.
A plan must implement to the team in timely manner. The efficient team leader must plan proper portion of tasks, easy access to useful resources, and future training opportunities for the team members for the future development. This will help the individual to identify the job requirements and would necessarily raise the job satisfaction level in the future. Boring job schedules can surely stress the dissatisfaction levels. The...

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