Posithis Article Will Look At Organ Transplant And The Role It Has And Is Playing Out In Our Society: Will Also Look At The Cost Of This Procedures And Who Is Most Likely To Receive An Organ. We Will Also Look At How

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This article will look at organ transplant and the role it has and is playing out in our society: will also look at the cost of this procedures and who is most likely to receive an organ. We will also look at how this procedure is done and if it is done in accordance with medial guidelines as well as how many are done on a monthly basis and who qualifies for that organ. Organ donation has become very important ...view middle of the document...

As a Christian I believe if a life can be saved with the help of organ donation then I believe that it is ok however, we have to make sure that this is not a situation that will create problems for the ones who really needs a transplant. If these procedure are done in the right manner then I is ok but we also have to look at the whole matter from other situations. Anyone who has a relative or friend with organ and or any other problems will be very happy to learn that an organ can save their loved one will be very happy at the thought that an organ which could prolong the life of their family will only be too happy to have this good news and share it with other family members. As we look into this matter of donation we also have to consider the fact that some doctors will actually terminate some lives in order to harvest those people’s organs. There could also be unnecessary deaths involved in this matter: therefore all involved must be very careful in these matters, however, not all deaths will come into question only if something happen s out of the ordinary

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