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Pos System Essay

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Literature Review on Point Of Sales
The point of sale system is also known by POS or point of service. The point of sale is a (point in which the products are provided to a customer. And customer make payment of these products) process when products are provided to a customer, and payment of these products is received. Although the point of sale system is vary in different situation, but the final outcome of the system remain the same. (Malcolm Tatum, 2010)
Point of sale (POS) is a type of software that a store uses to calculate their sales record and operate the cash drawer; it’s a computerized cash drawer. POS system calculates the prices of products and also calculates ...view middle of the document...

MAAK POS will also save time to train a crew before they could start working.
The second feature is easy to use. An easy to use Point of sales system should require the minimum keystroke and minimum skill during daily sales. This will ensure customers do not have to wait too long until a receipt is printed. A complicated Point of Sales system will cause customers to wait while paying and a long queue when the cashier takes too long time to key in the data into the Point of Sales.

The third feature is automatic. Point of sales system should be able to apply automatic price levels. Point of sales system should be able to apply automatic discounts. The system must be synchronized with the head office for latest prices. This will help ease the speed up the cashier's job when there is a promotion going on.
The fourth feature is rewarding. Point of sales system should be able to calculate the total purchase by every individual customer.
The fifth feature that I would like to highlight is receipt. This is the most important feature is point of sales. Every sales end up with a receipt before the sales is complete. Point of sales system must be able to print receipt for customers to proof that they have bought the items from a store and it will be used for items that have warranty. The date of purchase will be printed on the receipt.
Existing Point of Sales System in the market.
Retail Man Point of Sales
Retail Man Point of Sales can turn an ordinary personal computer into a Point of Sales System and inventory system just by attaching Point of Sales hardware into it,...

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