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Porter Five Force Essay

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Over the past few years, economic crisis has been an issue in western and eastern countries. They are facing with the social problems, for instance, poverty, health care, and education which they have to deal with. So business entrepreneur and social entrepreneur may want to play an important role in order to develop what it is best for the nation. In this essay, I will discuss the terms of business and social entrepreneur, and discuss the relevant topics consecutively.
An entrepreneur is a person who has creative thinking and able to sacrifice in order to gain the profit (Baumol et al., 2009). These are the goals of the individuals who want to start up their own enterprise either becoming business entrepreneur or social entrepreneur. So what are ...view middle of the document...

Some people believe that it’s business entrepreneur, while others insist that it’s social entrepreneur. However, there are some groups of people say that both business and social entrepreneur can increasingly raise the economic in a better way. In my perspective, an entrepreneur should only focus on whether to gain the profit or to care the society more than money because if he or she emphasizes both, how can we assure that which way is better than the other. This may cause some failures and these entrepreneurs may “lose passion” of reaching their goals (Cardon et al., 2009). There is a good example about this kind of situation in Thailand. Ongchun, a social entrepreneur, has started her own enterprise called Chivarly Silk. She devoted herself conserving the Thai heritage, Thai silk, that many entrepreneurs had given up due to the misunderstanding between social and culture, and lack of managerial skills. She could prove that caring for the society without expecting any profits is the benefit for the Thai people, especially in the rural of Chiang Mai. She also enhanced the income for the people in the village by selling the silk via e-commerce to get rid of the middleman (, 2010).
To sum up, business entrepreneur and social entrepreneur may differ in some points, but the main core of the enterprise that both entrepreneurs should consider is initiating and developing for the nation. If entrepreneurs know their goals and follow their passion, their enterprises will really gain a huge success like Ongchun, the owner of Chivarly Silk.

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