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Pope Francis Essay

2401 words - 10 pages

“The Count of Monte Cristo”
By: Alexander Dumas
(Movie Report)

Shiella Andrea G. Torres
IV-3 Generosity

Ms. Adelaida Yambao

The Count of Monte Cristo is an adventure story which highlights the conspiracy, inequality and injustices present in our society. It also delves on what thirst for revenge can do to some people and how it can change him/her. Also, this story tells us how love, friendship and faith can be a saving factor from our own selfish, devastating, ignorant acts and desires.
This movie focuses primarily on how a kind-hearted and God fearing man who is a model of honesty and innocence lost everything he had, including his happiness with one letter ...view middle of the document...

As soon as the two men considered as enemies of Dantes knew about this, they both grew envious against him. They plotted an act to tear apart the happy life Dantes has. Mondego told Danglars about the letter and together they set him up. Mondego told Monsieur Villefort, a public prosecutor about the letter Dantes received back in Elba. Dantes was arrested and was interrogated by Villefort. During the interrogation, Villefort promised Dantes his freedom but that was before he read the letter. After reading its content, he knew that it was addressed to Monsieur Clarion, his father. With the fear of staining his reputation, Villefort burnt the letter, which was an evidence of the treason of his father and sent Dantes to jail. Villefort and Mondego made a deal. Mondego killed Villefort’s father and Villefort made Dantes appear dead to Mercedes and his family.
Dantes was now sent to a dark and quiet prison where all who are prisoned never manages to escape and will just wish to have their life end there. Dantes spent 14 years of his life in Chateau d’If which was ruled by Armand Dorleac, the warden who mercilessly punishes all prisoners on their anniversary of imprisonment. As years pass, Dantes gradually lost his faith and assumed that there is no God for him. God was nowhere to be found at his heart for revenge has replaced Him. Seven years of Dantes’ imprisonment was simply wasted by him hopelessly staring at and counting all the dark stones found on the walls, floor and ceiling of his quarter which he numbered 72, 519 all in all. And this is until he met Abbe Faria, a priest who was imprisoned because he had kept the secret of the hidden limitless fortune of Spada. The priest was already imprisoned for 11 years and five of this was spent digging a tunnel going to Dantes’ quarter which he thought a path going to the outside wall.
For the second half of his imprisonment, he made friends with Abbe Faria. How did it start? Abbe Faria was serious about escaping Chateau d’If and demanded Dantes’ help in digging a tunnel towards the outer wall. And in return, he will teach Dantes everything he wants to know. And so, the priest taught him everything he knows; how to read and write, basic knowledge of Sciences, Economics, and Mathematics and even weaponry, particularly swordsmanship. Together, they would dig their tunnel and would study from morning ‘til evening and will just go back to their quarters for the meal time. Faria was the one who made Dantes realize who his real enemies were.
For seven years, all they did was study and dig. Until one day, they found the end of the tunnel and they have seen a root from a tree which means they’re close to the ending. Due to their excitement and extreme feeling of happiness, they became more eager to dig more. But unfortunately, while the priest was trying to finish what he was digging, the rocks from the underground started to collapse taking away his life. Dantes’ tried to save him but nothing can be done...

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