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Physical, emotional, cognitive and behavioural responses an individual is likely to experience in response to a newly diagnosed condition with a poor prognosis in the 1st week after diagnosis.

Receiving a medical diagnosis is stressful. Regardless of the diagnosis, or how the patient perceives it, the patient usually and immediately feels uncertainty: Life may never be the same (McClain, Buchman, 2010). There are physical, emotional, cognitive and behavioural responses a patient is likely to experience in response to a newly diagnosed condition with a poor prognosis. For example; when a patient has been diagnosed with cancer it can be hard for doctors to give prognosis to the patient. It ...view middle of the document...

Human emotion and cognitive responses are complex. Plutchik’s (1980) basic emotions are acceptance, anger, anticipation, disgust, joy, fear, sadness and surprise. In this context when a patient has been diagnosed with a new medical condition, the first two responses are emotional and cognitive responses. People vary in their emotional responses to the circumstances surrounding the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. An individual’s level of distress may also change over time. When a child has a cancer, it’s a crisis for the whole family (American Cancer Society, 2014). ‘Being in a state of shock’, ‘feeling out of control’ are very common, are usually occasional, rarely last more than a day or two, and are not indicative of disorder (NHMRC, 2003). It is inevitable how a parent would feel when they find out that their child has cancer. They would start feeling in denial of the situation and disbelief of the news they have just heard. They will start questioning whether the test made a mistake, the quality and qualifications of the physicians in the medical centre. They may decide to get other doctor’s opinion. Nearly everyone has a fear of cancer and it is normal for a parent feel fearful and anxious when facing unpredictable news and situations like these. Parents who started feeling fear, fears for their child’s death. These responses can delay any painful feelings and can also prolong their child’s treatment (American Cancer Society, 2014). Furthermore, informing patients of a terminal illness often evokes feelings of inadequacy and personal blame regarding the physician’s medical skills. Physicians may be uncomfortable dealing with patients’ strong emotions or may be afraid of unleashing emotions that they cannot control and do not know how to handle (Russel and Bruera, 2000).
Emotional and cognitive reactions affects anyone who has been newly diagnosed with any medical condition. In regards to a terminal illness, it is a very scary thing to imagine being diagnosed with one whatever kind it is. Mood changes from time to time and some people may even experience depression right after the diagnosis. These emotions affects our physical well-being and these can occur even on the first week of diagnosis, some of the physical reactions are: an individual might start having loss of energy or motivation to move on with their lives, lack of sleep or oversleeping, loss of interest in activities (social events and socialising), panic attacks, changes in appetite (overeating or loss of appetite), upset stomach, pain and for some people may start drinking alcohol or...

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