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Pollution Essay

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Nowhere on Earth is free from environmental pollution. It has been becoming more and more serious these days. This makes us think a lot. So what is the cause of this terrible matter? And what is the bad consequence it led to? Let’s try to find out.
There’re many kinds of pollution such as air pollution, water pollution... that should be tackled as soon as possible. In Ho Chi Minh City, air tests show that air brings many high risk of health problems for people living here. Dust floats in the air is the top actor that pollutes the air seriously. Many lakes, rivers are getting polluted by the toxic waste from factories as well as daily activities, which has not been treated properly. The ...view middle of the document...

Some people think protecting environment is the responsbility of government, not theirs. Others think what they have done is so small that it’s not enough to harm the environment. Another cause of pollution is business’s lack of responsbility. Because of profits, many businesses have offenced the production process, that contributes to cause the pollution. Moreover, the management of government has not been close enough to prevent destroying the environment.
What is the consequence these wrongdoing caused? The condition of environment is getting worse and worse. It follows that many people have become reluctant victims of environmental pollution. Every year, there’s about 16.000 Vietnamese die of diseases which related to air pollution. The exhaustion of natural resources is another inevitable consequence. Poaching and overfishing seem to happen increasingly all over the world. Therefore, there are more and more species of animals have been extinct.
In the face of this problem, there’s a question: “What can we do to solve pollution and protect the environment?” There’re many ways to keep the Earth clean and make it green. On one hand heavy punishments should be imposed on anyone who intentionally destroyed the environment. On the other hand, government needs to diffuse the knowledge of protecting the environment in order to raise people’s awareness. These knowledge should be given to children to help them have a right look about the environment. Hence, they will know how to protect the environment.
The condition of environment has been still serious but we can make it better if every one joins hand to protect the environment.

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