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Politics And Global Warming Essay

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Executive Summary
Global warming is a significant issue in modern society; it threatens environment, global security, prosperity, and development. This paper will review how global warming involves the concept of ‘business as usual’, its effects on the global economy and how to deal with global warming by using international co-operation (action). In addition, I will propose a strategy trying to address the global warming concerns.

Climate change has become one of the major issues of debate and concern around the globe during the last decades. The effects and causes of global warming are more visible day by day. There ...view middle of the document...

On the other hand, climate change has positive impacts in a sense and today’s entrepreneurs should adapt to the new market rules that a clean technology investment offers, which includes a global market of environmental goods and services in a renovated climate resilient economy. Overall, I would like to include a strategy to deal with climate change based on the evidence of multiple authors and my own judgment.

From Kyoto to Copenhagen
In fact, the vast majority of the population is concerned about the permanent rise in the earth’s temperature. The Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) of 2007, estimate that the change of temperature over the next century will be from 1.8 to 4 °C. While it is considered to be a small change, it is much more rapid than any other changes of temperature over the past 10,000 years (Stern, 2008). Likewise, seeking to mitigate the damage caused by climate change, the UN has contributed to certain agreements that seek to reach a common point where all countries can set goals and mitigate global warming through strategies and actions to ensure economic and environmental improvements globally. The first magnum event took place in Kyoto, Japan in 1997, with representatives from more than 160 nations (Benhaim and Clarke, 2009). Meanwhile, global warming began to assume a priority position in all business agendas. The main issues discussed were, essentially, to reduce the amounts of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases emitted for industrial nations into the atmosphere. The deadline set for achieving these goals was fixed by no later than 2012. Presently, the international fight against climate change continued at another UN Conference in December last year in Copenhagen, Denmark. In this occasion representatives from hundreds of nations gathered to raise their hands against this complex and uncertain issue. From there we can say, that there is only one-way to survive the critical situation, through the cohesive international action of the community, which is primarily needed. The first step taken, involved developed countries pledging to provide all possible assistance to developing nations, including the limit of temperature rise to no more than 2°C. In addition, economic support of up to $30 billion until 2012 will be provided over the next decade $100 billion per year (Wright, 2009). It is remarkable that investments include private and public finance. However, it is clear that it is not easy to negotiate towards a legally binding agreement, which involves the whole parties. Due to this, one of the best outcomes from the UN negotiations is to design strategies that permit to deal with the carbon market and effective international co-operation agreements. Hence, the international negotiation process will be strengthened and the doors for the Cancun 16th Conference will be open to make even more progress in the years ahead.

Source: Beyond Copenhagen, Department of...

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