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The political issue that is being currently debated in the United States is the issue of the Syrian refugees crossing the American border. The issue of the refugees crossing into the United States has occurred as a result of the civil war that is currently taking place in Syrian. Many of the refugees are fleeing from the ongoing war with the majority of those crossing being women, children, the elderly as well as those who have been injured.
The debate is being carried out by the Democrats and the Republicans. The Republicans are arguing that the refugees should not be ...view middle of the document...

The civil war has claimed a lot of innocent lives, injured thousands and displaced many. As a result of the conflict, it has caused thousands to flee and seek refuge in the United States. Besides the burden that has been caused by the United States healthcare system, I would also like to draw attention on the psychological burden that has been placed on the health care professionals that are taking care of the increasing number of refugees. The current statistics reveals that there are more than 48 camps in the United States that are offering shelter to the refugees.
The increasing number is also posing security issues to the citizens of America. Many feel that the recent attack in France was as a result of allowing these refugees into the borders. Some have argued that terrorist groups are using this opportunity to smuggle explosives posing as refugees with the American territory that might be used for harming innocents. I do not think that these claims are true as most of those who are fleeing the war are mainly children and women who are always vulnerable during times of war.
I would like however to recommend that even if the country is trying to help humanitarian crises, adequate measures should be taken within the borders to ensure that the security of our country is not compromised. Measures such as registering legitimate refugees should be undertaken to ensure that only those who qualify are allowed within the borders of the United States without compromising the security of innocent citizens.
Influencing the policy making process
Policies are referred to as actions that are undertaken by the relevant parties or organizations. They are the decisions that are undertaken to solve problems that are facing a certain group of people (Doran & Peter 260). Policy making is...

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