Political Corruption Is The Abuse Of Entrusted Power By Political Leaders For Private Gain, With The Objective Of Increasing Power Or Private Wealth. It Need Not Involve Money Changing Hands; It May Take The Form Of

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The present fever to launch an extensive digitalization program is sweeping the Bangladesh political, business, and elitist minds. In the face of an overarching outlook of sustainable development the Bangladesh digitalization program runs into some grave questions. The paper points out that ethics as a strongly endogenous force in development is indispensable to keep in view the simultaneity of attaining growth and social justice. These targets are variously manifested in different sectors and quarters of the beneficiaries of growth and development. In this perspective, various comparative works in the literature are invoked ...view middle of the document...

The Honorable Finance Minister of Bangladesh elaborated on the concept in his budget 2009-10 speech as a socio-economic transformation process, enabled by information and communication technologies (ICTs). In the same year, the Honorable Prime Minister outlined the Digital Bangladesh having four key priorities – (a) developing human resources ready for the 21stcentury; (b) connecting citizens in ways most meaningful to them; (c) taking services to citizens’ doorsteps; and, (d) making the private sector and market more productive and competitive through the use of digital technology. Hence, it was only natural that the 6 th Five Year Plan (6FYP) places an equal importance to Digital Bangladesh as part of the nation’s development strategy.


Human Resource Development
The key objective is to make the best use of new technologies to build world-class 21st century skills in all areas of study especially mathematics, science, and English language through use of newer and cost-effective delivery tools and digital learning contents. This component will also deal with providing vocational and ‘lifelong education’ opportunities to the youth and adults in order to retool them and build newer skills to improve their productivity commensurate with the needs of the 21st century globalized world
Digital Government for Pro-Poor Service Delivery
The key objective of the Digital Government component is to leverage ICTs in all spheres of government to ensure delivery of services to those who are the least served. Development of an e-administration platform and creation of affordable, transparent e-services using ICTs that are already in the hands of millions such as mobile phones, radio, TV in addition to internet are key. Important areas to address are education, healthcare, agriculture, administration of land and water resources, social safety nets, law enforcement and judiciary and disaster management. 1.4. ICT in Business This component will deal with three broad issues of Digital Bangladesh i) using ICTs to promote access to markets by the disadvantaged producers and SMEs, ii) promotion of ICT business through providing services and technology needed to sustain the three other components of Digital Bangladesh, and iii) boosting ICT as an export oriented sector to earn foreign currency and generate employment. mbanking and electronic payment as well as electronic business transactions are few key initiatives.

Plans and Status of Digital Government for Pro-poor Service Delivery
Agriculture Given that Bangladesh is an agrarian economy with almost 60% of the population still employed in the agriculture sector and that the country has set a course for self-sufficiency in food production by 2013, this sector naturally gets the highest emphasis in the Digital Bangladesh e-services strategy. Some areas of focus are: · strengthening the existing information channels and developing new ones to provide farmers with real...

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