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Policy Manual Essay

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There are two main parts in our company
1. To help foreign Investors from Japan and other countries
2. Consulting

We divide CONSULTING into four parts
1. Real Estate
2. Stock Share holding
3. Investment Market Research
4. Travel and Tours

We provide One Stop Service to all local and foreign investors. For Example, if a foreigner wants to invest in Myanmar, we provide all the datas they need such as Factory Place, staffs as One Stop Service. We also serve in making bank accounts and market research related with shares.
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The leader chooses from what groups report and they have to report back to C.E.O. In monthly meeting, we decide which news is the best for the month and the one who reported best news get 200000 kyats up to his salary. The leader of that group gets 200000 kyats and other members get 100000 kyats. Every staff including managers, translators and accountants has the rights to find news and report. The staff who cannot find any interesting news for two months has to quit. Addition to searching news, there are always special week order from C.E.O. For example, “ we need to find 200 acres of land to build rice factory. It must be near Yangon and a place arrived within 30 minutes from Yangon. Price acceptable between 2000 lakhs and 2500 lakhs. You will have to report wih photos and details of land. The staff who could find the most appropriate land is awarded with bonus.
They recruit new staffs for every two months and required qualifications are must be able communicate in English fluently, good communication and interpersonal skills, must be interested in Myanmar Business Market, must be able to work with team, good internet skills and computer literate. As company also does business tour for Japanese guests, they deliver guests to partner companies like FMI, MAPCO, Naing Group, Thilawa Public Company and some famous places like Shwedagon Pagoda and Bogyoke Market. The translator who is assigned for tour gets bonus for 50$ per guest. Salary for marketing research staff is promoted for 30000 kyats for every six months and managers, translators and accountants for 40000 kyats for every...

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