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I. Supplier Accreditation
1. MEGAPUI shall continuously search a BUYERS for the items with
the intention of establishing strategic and long-term business relationships.

2. The selection of suppliers is the responsibility of Procurement personnel. In making the
selection Procurement will coordinate closely with the requisitioning
department/subsidiaries to obtain adequate and reasonable specifications. Procurement
should endeavor to place orders with regard to the dependability and service record of
the supplier. The nature of the guaranty and warranty and its price and the quality.
Preference should be given to the following types of suppliers, ...view middle of the document...

All Supplier Accreditation and the exceptions to the process require the approval of the STAFFS of MEGAPUI.

II. Performance Evaluation

1. Suppliers will be subjected to periodic Performance Evaluation to update supplier
classification, to monitor and assess supplier’s performance and compliance to the
MEGAPUI'S standards, and to improve key processes of supplier that may be related to
the MEGAPUI'S operations.

2. Evaluation will be performed depending on the supplier class:

*Non-primary - on a per transaction basis, recorded in the Receiving Report (R.R.)
relative to timeliness of delivery and quality of product.

*Primary – annually, to assess performance and to monitor compliance to company’s

3. Supplier’s performance will be evaluated based on the following criteria:
-Price – competitiveness, fair pricing/ low profit margin, provides cost reduction

-Quality – provides products that meet the company’s quality requirements, low
percentage of...

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