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Police Ethics Essay

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Police Ethics

The impact of terrorism on the police mission in the United States?
The roles of police in United States according to Schmalleger (2007) include; law enforcement, apprehending law offenders and investigating crimes, crime prevention, and domestic peace as well as providing the society with the required enforcement services, and ensuring that there exists tranquility. Over a long period, the police roles remained as stated until the effects of September 11, 2001 Islamic terrorist attack when the police assumed the responsibilities of ...view middle of the document...

Antiterrorism campaign cannot be achieved by federal agencies alone but the success of the campaign will be achieved through the assistance of the security agencies in place. Local police can provide the most appropriate assistance since are the ones who patrols and interacts with the community as they carry on with their roles. Local police are more familiar with most of the community usual goings-on hence can easily exchange crucial information for intelligence gathering. The information gathering should be distributed nationwide and among all the security agencies but always remember to secure the information so as to protect citizen’s privacy. The second disagreement that emerged was on the time required for the suspect to be taken to trial where they can get either convicted guilty or set free. It has emerged that some suspects wait for long time even going to years before their trial.
Roles that social stigma play in police ethics
In police ethics social stigma refers to the extreme disapproval of police on socially characteristic grounds on how they are perceived in response to their service to the community which distinguishes them from other members of the community (Delattre, 2006). Social stigma has a magnificent impact in rules and policing of police officers whose character is flawed. Police officers with excellent integrity and character are not in any way influenced by the social stigma (Banks, 2013). The officers who always violate the set norms and laws as they execute their duties are regarded as outcasts and normally are stigmatized. After September 11 2001, there has been raised suspicion that vigilance towards Muslims believers being harassed indiscriminately. Another example in case is was New York Police department back in 1993. The department embraced and accommodated dishonesty corruption, brutality fraud among other ill behaviors. Supporting any misconduct by police in a bid to protect their career and the reluctant of uncovering the deep-rooted corruption is found in all ranks of police force (Delattre, 2006). The reality that police officers ensure law enforcement should not be taken as an excuse aimed at validating police officers participation in wrongdoing. Law enforcement personnel should work in the feet of their sworn duty without fear or favor (Ford J. K., 2000). Temptations and ethical tests should not affect their duties like the way most of them are lured into most of the time.
Are the forces of ethical found in police corruption the same as those found in police abuses of force?
Ethical issues that compel police into corruption are not different from the police decision to abuse the power vested on them. Police officers are always under oath that they perform their duties of law enforcement without fear or favor. The power abuse and corruption by officers of police is well prescribed within the law enforcement code of ethics (Crank J. P., 2010). IACP (2008) provides the Enforcement Code of Ethics....

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