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Police Brutality Essay

786 words - 4 pages

Police Brutality

Police Brutality
Prof. Carolyn Snell
CRMJ 470
Claflin University of Orangeburg


Police brutalities have left many victims in a state of emotional and physical stress, and in some cases, the victims did not survive. Most police brutality occurs during the course of arrest and within the dispute of other incidents in the street or public places. Some of these events even occur while the arrest suspect is already in handcuffs and in police custody, on the way to the station, or while at the station.

The Criminal Justice System is an organized body of men and women that have accepted the task of enforcing the law and maintaining public order. A ...view middle of the document...

Police officers are injuring and even killing people through the use of extreme force and brutal treatment. A major problem in this area is that police is abusive of civilian rights, but it's important for the officer to consider the appropriate amount of force for them to use in a situation (Geller, 1996).
In a number of cases, the force used by a police officer can become excessive when it gets to the point where they kick, beat, or even shoot people that pose no threat to them at all. Police brutality cases have received more attention due to the fact that there have been some high profile cases that reached the media. The use of excessive force is a criminal act and is also a white collar crime.
To comprehend the causes of police brutality requires deep study. The law enforcement and psychology profession should become united in determining the possible causes and prevention methods. I will later discuss that there is difficulty in chasing brutality offenders because there is a lack of unity between the justice system and the police organizations. The justice system wants to punish the offenders but the police structure seems to encourage the use of excessive force. The police profession must recognize that brutality is a crime and all three of the professions must...

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