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Police And History Essay

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A police jurisdiction covers the streets and areas that are inside the limits of where they

work. Typically a police officer cannot conduct business outside of his/her jurisdiction. By creating

jurisdictions, police were allowed to pursue their own suspects in their assigned areas. Each agency

“took care of their own” policing affairs. English policing have been a big influence on the United States
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plans and standard operating procedures were changed. Training exercises were more complex. Many

agencies did not have written response plans that explained the procedures used to deal with

biological or chemical terrorism until after 9/11. In order to maintain homeland security, the

responsibilities of law enforcement increased. They were given the task of preparing the communities

by teaching terror prevention and ways to correctly respond to terrorist acts.

An important component of policing is police patrol. “Nineteenth and early-twentieth-century foot

Patrolmen did not have friendly contact with all citizens on their beats (Thale,2007).” Police patrol,

whether on foot or automobile, cannot be successful without a good relationship between the police

and the community. One of the main purposes of police patrol is to bring the police and the community

together so that they can support each other in the fight against crime. Crime may be deterred due to

the constant patrolling of the police because it is known that law enforcement is always around. The

community feels safer knowing that the officers are easily accessible. By patrolling a community on a

daily basis, police learn the habits, characteristics, personalities and routines of the citizens. Offenders

are more recognizable due to the officer’s constant surveillance of them.

The police today have many functions. Two of the main functions are to reduce crime and disorder.

They are faced with challenges everyday. They never know what to expect and are in constant danger.

Police officers have numerous...

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