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Poker In The Business Wolrd Essay

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Is it Ethically Right to use Bluffing in the Business World?

Luke Erickson

As businesses flourish from record sales of new products and, “upgrades,” the path to profit is becoming more and more questioned regarding their ethical standards. While some businesses look to make the most profit without a worry about deception and trickery, others tend to stick with honesty and sincerity. Every day people are centered on ethical practice involving resumes, job interviews, business deals, psychological tests, etc. One of the main issues that raise concerns is if bluffing in business to get ahead is ethically right or wrong. Two different opinions on this issue by Albert Z. Carr and ...view middle of the document...

” This means that while playing the game of poker, there are no personal feelings in the game, only those to beat the opponent. In other words, there are no ethical obligations, while staying within the rules. If one lets out any personal feelings, then they are therefor giving up their advantage and allowing themself to go down to their opponent’s level of knowledge of the game. The same goes for the world of business. One may have feelings for other competitors but that is your private life. Carr explains that while feelings are normal for private life, they are to be left behind while in the business world. Therefor bluffing is part of game, not lying to one another. Since bluffing is within the rules, and no rules have been broken, then therefor it is a fair win.
Some may argue that the ethics of business should not be those that are of poker. Norman E. Bowie commented on Carr’s view of business strategy relating to poker, stating, “If business practice consisted of these conscious misstatements, exaggerations, and the concealment of pertinent facts” the same as poker, “it seems clear that business would be inherently unstable.” More so Bowie is saying that if businesses use the same strategy as poker, deceitfulness and bluffing, then they will soon become less and less of a competitor. A good example given in Bowie’s argument, is that of Chrysler. The huge automobile company practiced collective bargaining with their union workers. In other words the workers wanted something more in return for their work, and the executives did not want to give anymore. Therefor both parties were in a boxing match with infinite rounds. If no one gives up they will both become fatigued and perform worse and worse. If a team is constantly fighting and never quits, they will become disorganized and perform poorly against other competitors. This is how the analogy of poker comes into play. While playing, one is not playing with others and revealing their cards attempting to split the biggest pot between each other, they are playing by themselves, looking for the biggest profit for themselves. A famous quote by Immanuel Kant states, “Always recognize that human individuals are ends, and do not use them as means to your end. This more so means that we should not be using humans as just a resource but more so a helping hand to help you reach your final goal. Just like Chrysler, the executives did not think of the employees as a helping hand but more so a resource. They tried to give them the least they could and hoped that they would still manage to reach their goal. Since the ethics of poker is to play for oneself, and a business cannot run properly with only one person, therefor the strategy of poker should not be used as a strategy for business.
Another main argument is if smaller lies or as Bowie states them, white lies, are used more often in the business world they will lead to bigger and/or worse lies, which leads to distrust. To defend this...

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