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Point Of View Essay

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Point Of View

The Nazis viewed killing the Jews as “justice”. They though that the Jews existing was a mistake and that they must carry on what Christ could not. They assumed that in order to give Christ proper justice, they must kill the ones who persecuted him in the first place and those are the Jews. A quote from Joseph Goebells on November 16, 1941 explained their intentions and why they were doing what they were doing.
“ By reason of their birth and race, all Jews are part of a conspiracy against National Socialist Germany[…] The treatment we give them does them no wrong. They have more than deserved it.”
One reason the Jews continued to be slaughtered like animals is because the Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler loved the ...view middle of the document...

Simple People, like you and me, live in this house. Don’t ask what they fear; they fear the Gestapo, of course. They fear the rampant secret denunciations. Friends see someone ringing the doorbell at an unusual hour. The fear is there; doors open furtively and the idated residents peek out to see who is affected.”
- Lee Grundig, Survivor, Dresden. 1936
As the Jews face the torture they lose hope. They think all is lost. Not one of them knows what is going to come. They start to lose all of their sense. Some of them even become insane.
“ ‘Freedom’ – we repeated to ourselves and yet we could not grasp it. We had said this word often during all the years we dreamed about it, that it had lost its meaning…We could not grasp that freedom was ours.”
- Victor E. Frankl, Survivor.
Man’s Search for Meaning
I believe that the Holocaust was just a mistake that humans made. Almost everything that goes wrong is human based. It is only human to make mistakes. The belief in doing what the Nazis believed was God’s will was their interpretation. Christianity has always led to the death of people. Galileo of Galilee died because he was explaining to everyone that the Earth revolved around the Sun. It was the church that got him sentenced to house arrest nonetheless it was a mistake because he turned out to be correct. Of course I believe what the Nazis did was wrong. It was inhumane to do things to people almost like you. The word ‘almost’ was the key to this tragedy. The Jews were Jews and the Nazis were Nazis. There is one phrase that I think they should have heard.
“[…] the circumstances of one’s birth are irrelevant. It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are.”

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