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The Sonic Plaza is protected by the 1990 Federal Artist Rights Act which is a subset of the copyright law. Therefore, the piece has to be maintained in perpetuity since it is officially considered part of American and North Carolinian culture. It’s very instance, there are computers to maintain and upgrade, software to be written, and components to replace and possibly design.
There are many ways to improve the whole system like, the sonic gates could more sync with the steps. They could use weight sensors on the steps which would allow ...view middle of the document...

This will help eliminate noise and safe some voltage when solenoid contracts.
Each of these operations uses a different form of technology, as the glockenspiel uses a MDI sensor. MDI is a port on a hub or switch used to connect to other switches without requiring crossover cables. The other type of software is the Arduino sensor, which is an open-source computer hardware company that design and manufactures kits for building digital devices and interactive objects that can sense and control the physical world. DMI and Arduino are both sensors but DMI is programmed based on timing of the day, whereas Arduino software is based on the environment around it, as the ground cloud and water wall use the program.
Having the knowledge of such an approach, as was described in this study, further increases our analytical value and therefor our ability to think critically and resolve problems as they occur. Every year the Sonic Plaza has been approached by engineering students eager to volunteer some of their time to learn and contribute their ideas. As an engineering student we must remember that perspective it’s not a worst-case scenario, but you have to think about more than just getting the programming to work. That can be the easy part. The Sonic Plaza must work all day, every day.

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