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Plans Essay

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Official Florida Driver’s Handbook • 2014


ment practices require the collection
of certain personal information in the
driver licensing process. This personal
information identifies an individual and
is used for records management, driver
improvement, financial responsibility,
and law enforcement purposes.

The Florida Driver’s Handbook covers
many condensed and paraphrased points
of Florida’s laws and provides safety advice not covered in the laws. The handbook is not a legal authority and should
not be used in a court of law. The Florida
Driver’s Handbook is printed in volume
and copies already obtained will not reflect any changes made by Legislature
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Violators face immediate arrest and,
upon conviction, penalties up to a maximum fine of $5,000 and imprisonment
up to 5 years.

The Division of Motorist Services strives
to ensure the accuracy of information
obtained in the licensing process and
makes every effort to correct any incorrect information in its files. Incorrect information may be corrected by supplying
your complete name, date of birth, driver
license number, information on the nature
of the error and proof that it is an error to
the Chief, Bureau of Records, Neil Kirkman Building, MS 89, Tallahassee, Florida
32399-0575, or telephone (850) 617-2000..
Certain information, such as conviction
reports received from a court, can only
be corrected upon notification from the
court that the report was in error.

The Florida Department of Highway
Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV)will
suspend the driving privilege for one year
of any person who makes a fraudulent
application for a Florida driver license.
Under section 322.36, Florida Statutes, it
is unlawful for any person to authorize
or knowingly permit a motor vehicle to
be operated by any person who does not
hold a valid driver license.

Public Records
Florida law and sound records manage2

Official Florida Driver’s Handbook • 2014
Automobile insurance information is
exempt from the Public Records Law.
This information is provided to any party involved in the crash, their attorney
or insurance company, law enforcement
agencies and officers of the court, after
receiving a written request and copy of
the crash report.

lane unless passing. s. 318.081 F.S.
• Revises due process procedures
for red light camera violation. This
change allows placement of a stop
on any vehicle owned or co-owned
by the offender.
• Establishes when a private
entity may swipe a driver license or
identification card and how the data
may be used. Also establishes civil
recourse. s. 322143 F.S.
• Customers may provide
contributions to ACG Safety Foundation (Auto Club Group) through
the driver license or tax collector
office - A new voluntary contribution. s. 322.08 F.S.
• S. 316.305 F.S establishes
operating a motor vehicle in motion
while manually typing into a wireless communications device as a
secondary offense.

Important Law
Changes for 2014
• The breath levels for the Ignition
Interlock Device was lowered from
0.05 to 0.025. s.322.2715 F.S.
• Commercial Driver License
Holders are disqualified for use of
handheld communication devices
while driving. s. 322.212(7) F.S.
• Allows drivers to present proof of
insurance in an electronic format.
s 316.646 F.S.
• Requires drivers to stay in right


Official Florida Driver’s Handbook • 2014

Message from the

This driver’s handbook provides some
basic information you will need to be
a safe driver and understand Florida’s
traffic laws and regulations. This knowledge, along with driving experience and
your sense of...

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