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Planning Essay

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No. | Step |
1. | Obtain all instructions and scoping decisions made during overall audit planning as a means of ensuring that detailed planning will be consistent with such requirements. |
2. | Obtain and consider planning memoranda and related work papers for similar engagements and make best use of these sources during planning. |
3. | Obtain and consider the following for the most recent internal audit of the auditable unit and consider whether any of this material could be updated and re-used: * Previous work papers * ...view middle of the document...

Note: The concept of critical controls is only for planning purposes and not for reporting purposes. A critical control is one whose failure could cause considerable damage to the company. | | |

| Step | Reference (e.g., to supporting documents) | Done by orN / A |
8. | Ensure that management and other officers within the company have been notified about and agree to the dates for the audit to be performed (typically performed six weeks prior to the start of fieldwork; information requests may be made at this time). | | |
9. | Determine the nature and extent of participation in the planning process that the manager wants to undertake in order to approve the planning and scoping memorandum. | | |
10. | Make and / or record decisions and instructions concerning the following: * The objectives of the assignment * A description of the process to be examined, including its boundaries and the sub-processes to be included * The transaction types to be included, including consideration of individually significant events and transactions and the audit work to be done in respect of them * The key risks or objectives to be addressed during the assignment * The coordination with specialists for the planning, performance of work...

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