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Pitch To Company Essay

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Situation 1:
Pitch to the Company

Hello Sir,

This is Harsha writing on behalf of student community of XYZ. I work in a Student club called ‘XYZ’ which has technology enthusiasts who are also top notch management students. We are planning to start a live technology consulting program in the campus where students would take up technology projects from the corporate companies that would put their skills to test and also earn some money. So I would like to take this opportunity to describe the program in detail.
The above mentioned program will benefit your company in many ways; you might be thinking of ...view middle of the document...

Apart from the technological skills our students are well versed with good management practices which enable us to make the best use of software designed.
I would like you to pay a visit to our campus and take a look at some of the technology projects implemented by our students; if you are impressed we can take this forward and discuss the terms of the project contract. We would also arrange some meetings with the students who are willing to take up these projects.

Thanks and Regards,

Pitch to the Student Community:

Hello All,

I would like to bring to your attention an exciting opportunity that awaits us. We are collaborating with corporate companies to take up projects in technology domains. This is a great opportunity to learn and earn at the same time. You will be working on live projects coordinating with project managers from the companies and will be visiting the company if a need arises. This will enable you to put your theoretical knowledge into practice and also learn new technologies. And also you will be given a good stipend for the work you do. I request Students who are willing to take this extra work apart from the regular coursework to send their details across; you will be meeting representatives of the companies next week. Further details regarding venue etc. will be communicated later.


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