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Pipe Bends and Thrust Block Forces
Pipe bends and thrust blocks forces on anchors due to fluid velocity and internal pressure - online resulting force calculator
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Online Pipe Bend Resulting Force Calculator
The calculator below can used to calculate resulting force in piping bends:
Top of FormMetricρ - density of fluid (kg/m3)d - int. diam. pipe or bend (m)v - velocity of fluid (m/s)β - turning angle of bend (o)p - gauge pressure (kPa)Bottom of Form | -------------------------------------------------
Top of FormImperial SG - specific gravity of fluid d - int. diam. pipe or bend (inches)v - velocity of fluid (ft/s)β - turning angle of bend (o)p - gauge pressure (psi)Bottom of Form |
The resulting force on a thrust block or anchor depends on the fluid mass flow ...view middle of the document...

114 m
* water with density 1000 kg/m3
* flow velocity 20 m/s
can be calculated by as 
Resulting force in x-direction:
Rx = (1000 kg/m3) π ((0.114 m) / 2)2 (20 m/s)2 (1 - cos45)
    = 1196 (N)
Resulting force in y-direction:
Ry = (1000 kg/m3) π ((0.114 m) / 2)2 (20 m/s)2 sin45
    = 2887 (N)
Resulting force on the bend
R = ((1196 N)2 + (2887 N)2)1/2 
    = 3125 (N)
Note - if β is 90o the resulting forces in x- and y-directions are the same.
Resulting force due to Static Pressure
The pressure and the end surfaces of the bend creates resulting forces in x- and y-directions.
The resulting force in x-direction can be expressed as
Rpx = p A (1- cos β)         (4)   
    = p π (d / 2)2 (1- cos β)         (4b)
Rpx = resulting force due to pressure in x-direction (N)
p = gauge pressure inside pipe (Pa, N/m2)
The resulting force in y-direction can be expressed as
Rpy = p π (d / 2)2 sinβ         (5)
Rpy = resulting force due to pressure in y-direction (N)
The resulting force on the bend due to force in x- and y-direction can be expressed as:
Rp = (Rpx2 + Rpy2)1/2         (6)
Rp = resulting force on the bend due to static pressure (N)
Example - Resulting force on a bend due to pressure
The resulting force on a 45o bend with
* diameter 114 mm = 0.114 m
* pressure 100 kPa
can be calculated by as 
Resulting force in x-direction:
Rx = (100 kPa) π ((0.114 m) / 2)2 (1 - cos45)
    = 299 (N)
Resulting force in y-direction:
Ry = (100 kPa) π ((0.114 m) / 2)2 sin45
    = 722 (N)
Resulting force on the bend
R = ((299 N)2 + (722 N)2)1/2 
    = 781 (N)

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