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Pip Davenport Was Born In 1850 In Slewsbury

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Pip Davenport

Pip Davenport was born in 1850 in slewsbury. He came from a poor family. He wrote many books his most famous book was called the “The Fairground Mystery”. He came from a poor family he also created many inventions such as the Dodgems and the faresweel.
Early Life
Pip’s Father died when he was only 7 of cholera and his Mother when he was 10 of ...view middle of the document...

Pip started to write at the age of 14 his first book was published when he was only 16 it was called “The fairground”.
Pip won an O.B.E he has been the youngest winner ever!!Also at 19 he invented a new fairground ride –out of wood- called the Dodgems. After that he then went to London and created the faresweel. He then got marrieds to the love of his life Daisy flower.
When Pip grew up he became a famous inventor he had a nickname it was called “The Wizard”. Pip then went on to win a Grammy for best inventor. Pip’s last invention was called the Mont Blanc very famous indeed. Also his last book was called “Rides” Pip died in 1920 but, before he died he made a quote saying “Inventions is 1% Inspiration and 99% perspiration“ .

To conclude I would like to say that Pip was a very good person he aspired to do something and he done it . If you want to be an inventor and invent like pip just remember the saying “Inventions is 1% Insperation and 99% pesperation“ .This is all I have to say so thank you .
Do you want to become an inventor

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