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Pinstripes And Pearls Book Analysis

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Book Analysis: Pinstripes and Pearls
"We didn't fully understand what we were getting into -- what obstacles we would encounter, what trails we would blaze....We just knew, from an early age, that we wanted both to serve our country, help make our world a little better and a little safer -- just like our fathers and our brothers -- and to marry; rear honest, happy children; and lead fulfilling personal lives -- just like our mothers."
“Pinstripes and Pearls” is a book which shows the challenges of the lives and careers of the women of Harvard Law School’s class of 1964 as told by Judith Richards Hope. This was a time when women were not considered desirable candidates for most professional ...view middle of the document...

” Ann Dudley Cronkhite’s father gave her the advice “to do as much as she could to overcome the handicap she would have as a woman in a man’s profession.” Even though these 22 women had many challenges ahead, they were fortunate in this time to even be accepted in the Harvard Law School. There was obvious prejudiced against women during this time which prevented them from even being accepted into any college, especially one of this prestige. The board in charge of admissions at Harvard were unsure about accepting women because “they claimed to have no knowledge whether female students could handle the rigorous intellectual challenges of law school, and no confidence that the male students could control themselves with young women close by.” Luckily today women aren’t faced with the setback of not being able to receive a good education. As Eagly and Carly state in “Through the Labryinth”, modern women are actually becoming more educated and receiving higher degrees than modern men. Even after overcoming the stuggles against discrimination and sexism from their teachers and classmates during their years at Law School, these women had even more challenges to face after graduation. It was hard for them to find a job at law firms due to ridiculous reasons like ‘women can’t keep up the pace’, their ‘responsibility is in the home’, and firms were afraid of women’s ‘emotional outbursts’. These women also faced unprecedented sexual harassment, which fortunately is completely unacceptable in today’s society. They were not taken seriously, and Judith was even ambushed with sexual harassment by her boss at a restaurant one night. Although women still have some ways to go when it comes to being equals in the work place, we are fortunate to not be forced to overcome the challenges which these women in the 1960’s were faced with on their hard road to success.
As I stated before, women have come a long way when it comes to gender equality in the work place. However, for some reason it still seems much harder for women to rise to high power positions, or be considered equal to men once they obtain the position in what are considered to be “men’s” fields. We’ve been discussing the gender wage gap a lot in class and questioning why women with the same amount of education and experience are making only 80% of the salary men are making. This wage gap was another challenge that Judith Hope was faced with in her rise to success. When she was working at a law firm after college she discovered that a man who joined the firm after Judith was making $100 a month more than her. He was making a considerable amount more, even though Judith had graduated law school before him, had more experience than him, and was responsible for a larger workload than him. She was told that she needed the money less than the man because she was a single woman while he had a wife and two children to support. However, I don’t believe that this is the reason for the wage gap in society...

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