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Pilot Essay

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Data for formatted or CBG Report |
| pw_trans_ref |
DMAIC Transitions | < 6AND use_cbgs = 1AND capture_cbgs = 1AND follow_up = 0 |
Non-DMAIC/Non-EndoTool/Non-Std Periop | Does not = 1,2,3,4 or 5AND use_cbgs = 0AND capture_cbgs = 1AND plan_name_ref does not equal 14 or 2 |
Endo Tool | Does not = 1,2,3,4 or 5AND use_cbgs = 0AND capture_cbgs = 1AND plan_name_ref = 14 |
Standard Periop | Does not = 1,2,3,4 or 5AND use_cbgs = 0AND capture_cbgs = 1AND plan_name_ref = 2 |
Standard Transition | = 6AND use_cbgs = 0AND capture_cbgs = 1 |

Drip Plans

"Insulin IV Infusion Plan, Adult"
"Insulin IV Perioperative (Preop Holding, OR and PACU) Plan, Adult"
"Pilot Insulin Surgical IV Infusion Plan"
"DKA Insulin IV Infusion Plan, Adult"
"DKA Adult Sub Plan"
"DKA SubPlan"
" DKA SubPlan"
"DKA/HHS Admission Plan"
"DKA/HHS Adult ...view middle of the document...

Is Encounter Arrive DT/TM in Time Frame?
2. Is Encounter Type INPATIENT or OBS?
3. Is it a valid Pathway?
4. Does the Pathway contain an order ingredient with Catalog Code 698200 (Insulin Regular)?
5. Is there charting indicated on the Clinical Event table with Event Code for Insulin Regular (121249048)

Insulin level charted (698200) for that Drip Plan that has Infusion Units of Units/hr or Units

1. date_first_iv_insulin and location_iv_insulin_start are first charting against that order_id
2. Line in Sand and location_iv_insulin_stop is the last charting of thi9s nature for this order_id
3. sand_line_adjusted is 2 hours after Line in Sand
4. If last infusion rate = 0, last_iv_insulin_zero = '1'

Is this a drip to drip?
1. Drip plans are compared to other drip plans for the same patient. If a drip plan is started after the previous plan, but before 12 hours after that plans Line in the Sand, it is marked
a. Drip to Drip
b. Follow_up = 0
c. Capture CBGs = 0

Is there a Transition Plan we can pair up with the Drip?
1. Is it one of the Transition Plans?
2. Is the Start Date of the Transition Plan between the Start Time of the Drip Plan and within 2 hours of the Drip’s Line in the Sand?
3. If yes:
a. Follow_up = 0
b. Set Name and Ref#
c. If Plan_ref < 6, set use_cbgs = 1
d. Set pw_trans_start_dt_tm_
e. If "CV EndoTool SQ Insulin Continuous Tube Feeds”
i. endo_used = 1

1. All encounters that have Drips
2. CBG charting that is after 24 hours before Drips Line in Sand and before 48 hours after Drips Line In Sand
3. MORNING_1_CBG_DATE_TIME is the first CBG between 5am and 9am of these CBGs
4. MORNING_2_CBG_DATE_TIME is the first CBG between 5am and 9am of the 2nd 24 hours of CBGs on the list


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