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Pillars Of Islam Essay

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Understanding Islam
Islam is a religion of that faith encompasses much of the Bible and its teachings. It is said that this religion has some basis in the son Ismael whom Abraham took with his mother and left in the desert as a precaution to not making his wife Sarah jealous after Ismael’s birth. Later Muhammad who is believed by the Islamic people to be a messenger or prophet of God was the first model for the Islamic religion and it is his prophetic recitations that make up the word of God given to his followers throughout his lifetime. There have been a few prophets in the Islamic faith who have succeeded Muhammad after his death. The Islamic people are now called Muslims follow a ...view middle of the document...

(Fisher 2014).
The Five Pillars of Islam are how the Muslim people conduct their lives their beliefs. They are the guides that lead the people to a place where they are in one with God. These are the beliefs and practices of the Islam faith.
Shahadah is the first pillar that believes and professes the unity of God, whereas Muhammad is the messenger of God. The declaration of the Muslim's faith believe that Muhammad is the holy messenger and God(Allah) is the only one and. The Shahada, believes "none worthy of worship exept God" and not to be tempted by anything or put in the place of God. It also states in the Qur’an that they share their faith with others and not try to talk them into change faiths.
Salaat is the second pillar a performance of a continuous round of prayers performed in water, sand, or dirt while facing Mecca. There are also prayers that are not required, but can be done in the middle of the night, making them the most valuable prayers, because they are always keeping God on their minds. Salat is an Islamic prayer, containg five daily prayers and according to the Sunna. Each of the prayer names coincides with the time these prayers should be place: Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib, and Isha. They are recited facing the direction of Mecca. As a way of purifying themselves they must wash themselves before praying any of these prayers. While praying the prayers has positions of which the prayers should be prayed
The third pillar Zakat, meaning charity or almsgiving. The Muslim prayer is only accepted if shared with others. Muslims should donate 2 ½ percent of their wealth to needy Muslims. This is to purify the distribution of money to prevent personal greed. Their concerns are for the needy, which don’t include acts of giving money but rather of giving of themselves. Zakat when giving they must first say what they are giving to God, on the day that...

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