Pigs Crisis Essay

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Questions for the case of P&G Japan: the SK-ii globalization project

The objectives of this case include:

To explore the process of formulating and implementing a global strategy, and
particularly the issues related to the globalization of local brand.
To examine how product innovation is developed and diffused on a global basis.
To develop an understanding of the tensions in multinational organization, ...view middle of the document...

To analyze the sources of success and failure in transformational change in a
multinational corporation.

Q1. As Paolo DeCesare did, what factors do you need to consider before deciding what to recommend in your SK-II presentation to the global leadership team (GLT)? What kind of analysis will you need to do in preparing for that meeting? (Question for Analysis)

Q2. Does SK-II have the potential to become a global brand within P&G’s worldwide operations? Why or why not?

Q3. Which of the three market options should Paolo DeCesare recommend to the GLT? What benefits do you expect to gain? What risks do you see? (Question for Analysis)

Q4. How should he implement your recommendation option? What are the implications for P&G’s new post-O2005 organization? What support and/or resistance do you expect? How will you manage it?

• Your presentation should take no longer than 20 minutes. After the presentation, we will have a Q&A session for 10 minutes.

• If you plan to write a group analysis, answer both Q.1 and Q.3. The paper should be single-spaced and no more than 2 pages.

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