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Physical Therapists Essay

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Physical Therapists
Physical therapists, also known as PTs, diagnose and treat anyone who has medical problems regarding health conditions that limit their abilities to move and function properly in their everyday lives. The work of physical therapists is to help patients who are disabled, victims of accidents and individuals of numerous other different situations. Physical therapists develop treatment techniques after examining an individual to encourage the ability to move, reduce pain, and prevent disability. PTs provide treatments to individuals of all age who experience back and neck injuries, sprains/strains and fractures, arthritis, burns, amputations, stroke, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy and spina bifida, and injuries related to work and sports. Physical therapists often consult and practice with numerous other care givers ...view middle of the document...

The average physical therapist works 40+ hours a week. Their schedule often times varieties on when their patients are available.
Today, to pursue this profession, one would need a post-baccalaureate degree from an accredited physical therapy program. The Commission on Accreditation of Physical Therapy Education accredits academic programs in physical therapy at an entry-level. Master’s degree programs last normally two to two and a half years, while doctoral programs last three years. Physical therapist programs include numerous science courses, such as pathology, biology, cellular histology, radiology/imaging, and exercise physiology. Anatomy, biology, chemistry, social science, mathematics, and physics are the most useful undergraduate courses when it comes to physical therapy. Many physical therapist programs require hands-on experience before granting admission, such as volunteering in a physical therapy department of a clinic or hospital.
The average physical therapist’s wages are from $50,000 to $100,000 a year. Job opportunities will be great for physical therapists in any setting. In order to practice, one must pass national and state licensing exams. In order to maintain their licenses, some states require physical therapists to continue their educational classes and attend workshops.
On a typical day, a physical therapist will examine patients’ medical histories, test and measure a patient’s; strength, balance, posture, coordination, motor function, muscle performance, and respiration, and determine a patient’s ability to be independent in any situation. A physical therapist also develops different treatment plans describing its purpose, outcome, and strategy.
`To be a physical therapist, one should have strong interpersonal and communication skills. They should be able to communicate with patients’ families and educate patients about their condition and ways to treat it. Physical therapists should also be very compassionate and have a strong desire to help patients.

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