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Physical Networking Essay

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This research paper will discuss the Pros and Cons on having a purely Fixed Line Network versus a pure Cellular Network. It will discuss the advantages and disadvantages on having a pure cellular network as supposed to having a purely fixed line network. The information provided to compare the two will be data speed, network security, equipment costs, troubleshooting, and failover solutions.
The major advantage of having a pure cellular network is that technology now a day allows you to take internet with you wherever you go as if it were a cellular network. Its mobility is what a lot of people need considering most people are always on the go. Another advantage of cellular network is the ...view middle of the document...

Another disadvantage to this is the fact that companies can also charge you for exceeding your data and it can come at a costly price if not careful. Another con on cellular network is the fact that they aren’t as reliable as a fixed line, you can easily lose a cell phone or laptop, and having to replace one of these units can be costly. Another con is the fact that we always have to worry about the batteries being charged. If this isn’t taken care of it will result in poor operations because you have a weak signal.
The advantages of having a fixed line is that they work everywhere, and there is no need for worries about having to charge it constantly. For the most part every business and home has a fixed line meaning everyone has the ability to have a telephone and data. Data rates were limited until DSL was introduced, meaning that now there is no need for new equipment after you have a modem, making this a pro in being more cost efficient that cellular network. Another pro of a fixed line is the fact that most providers even offer free broadband service when paying for other services. Having a fixed line allows you to have a higher download allowance making it easier and faster to download larger files opposed to using a cellular network. What this means is that it’s more convenient in the speed aspect of the network and you can use the full potential of your internet. They are also more consistent as far as less to no dropped calls and loss of network. Connections and speeds can be up to 100 MB per second as supposed to cellular speeds are nowhere near that. The reason for this is because landlines use wires or...

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