Physical Activity In Pregnancy Essay

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Physical activity in pregnancy
Weiying Zhang
This qualitative research aims at studying the physical activity during pregnancy in order to solve the overweight or obese problem for pregnant women. Despite the original way of research, the views and experiences of overweight and obese women are gained, the interventions which could promote physical activity during pregnancy are provided in this study.
With a very typical method of qualitative research, observing the day to day life of participants from a ...view middle of the document...

From behavioural beliefs and attitudes, control beliefs, normative beliefs, data were collected in the quotes of study participants.
Thus, healthy diet is always a suggestion for pregnant women. What is more important is proper physical activity, these two consist a healthy lifestyle. And, the motivation for pregnant women is the benefits for their baby, this can lead to a much more active attitude for them to physical activity during pregnancy. Last but not least, the research also showed that more interventions and accessible information should be provided during pregnancy for women. Since the more they know about the positive effects for mother and baby of physical activity, the more possible they will be to keep exercising.
Reference: Zoe Weir, Judith Bush, Stephen C Robson, Catherine McParlin, Judith Rankin and Ruth Bell, Weir et al. BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth ‘Physical activity in pregnancy: A qualitative study of the beliefs of overweight and obese pregnant women’,[Online], 2010

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