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Photosynthesis Essay

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The plant photosynthesis process and semiconductor-based solar cells processes are very similar in their functions and creating an end product as well as there are a variety of differences between them. First we need to look at photosynthesis, which is the process by which plants, algaes and cyanobacteria absorb sun light and convert it to sugar. In the photosynthesis processes, the plant absorbs the sun light then in complex processes converts the intake of carbon dioxide to the end results to sugar (carbohydrates) and releases water and oxygen. The oxygen is what humans and all living animals use to survive and breathe in. Humans and animals release the carbon ...view middle of the document...

The solar cells are made up of usually silicone. In 2010, Heindl stated, “the second most abundant element in earth`s crust, silicon has the advantage, of being available in sufficient quantities, and additionally processing the material does not burden the environment” (e.g., Heindl, 2010, para. 3). With the layers of semiconductor, positive and negative side charged material, the solar cell can absorb the sun light, charge the positive and negative sides then if the solar cell is attached to an item to release the charged load, which is electricity, will be discharged to that object forming an electrical current. Once the electrical current is established the end product is a light bulb active or a house charged with electricity.
Photosynthesis and semiconductor-based solar cells both absorb light, transformed the light into a usable product and both need the sun rays to accomplish this. Their differences are: one is natural process compared to man-made, photosynthesis self produces it products where semiconductor-based solar cells are factory produce and the semiconductor-based solar cells can be regulated and controlled with the energy produced where the plants are not fully controllable.
The solar cell is an alternative way to produce electricity from sun rays and reduce the use of coal and nuclear power. The plants photosynthesis uses the sun rays like the solar cell to give us oxygen, carbohydrates and reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the air.

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