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Week 3 DQ 1

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What impact does font selection have on readability?
Font selection and use is a critical factor when designing print and web design.  Ensuring that visitors can read comfortably by not forcing them to squint at the content of a page is important.  Depending on the type of message that is being portrayed, the text should be clean, clear, and legible.  Spelling and typographic errors are just as important as the font choice, in this case.  Also, the easiest font to read is a black font on a white background.  This is especially important when considering accessibility needs of those who may not have the best eyesight.
Strangely enough, text font inherently has the ...view middle of the document...

  Ideally, no more than two fonts should be used in a design because it’s too distracting to the reader.

Discussion Question

Week 3 DQ 2

Due Week 3 Day 4

Describe the steps required to transform a raw digital file. How could objects, masks, or shapes be used to enhance the resulting image?

Photoshop contains an amazing software right inside the program called Bridge.  Bridge can be incredibly useful when working with photographs.  I was introduced to the advanced functions of Bridge when working for a local realty company where I transformed photographs into the best possible finished photo so that the agents could sell these homes. 
If using Bridge, the following steps can be done to transform raw digital files: 
1. Open Bridge and Navigate to your image folder.
2. Select the images.  If selecting random images you can hold down the Ctrl key while clicking on them.
3. While still in Bridge, go to Tools – Photoshop – Image processor.  This will bring up a new box where you can process a large amount of raw images at ones; saving them as .jpeg, .psd, or .tiff file formats. 
4. Select Run and all the images will be processed automatically.  Also, if you have installed any ‘actions’, they can be applied in this section as well.
A great tool to use when transforming raw digital files is the unsharp mask.  I like the control that this tool offers.  This is the very first time I have been introduced to this tool and I like it very much.  While this is not a conventional mask, it does sharpen the photographs nicely, but just as with any sharpening tool, one must be very  careful not to overdo it thereby creating halos and noise patterns.

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