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Philosophy Of Socrates Essay

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The Philosophy of Socrates

I believe Socrates is the most influential philosopher of all time is the great Socrates. It is simply astounding that such well thought out ideas were formed thousands of years ago. I enjoy how Socrates spent his life striving to help others teach themselves rather than simply throw information at them. Socrates dedicated his life to better himself as well as others, and that is why I consider him the best philosopher of all time.

Before devoting his life to philosophy, Socrates served in the Athenian army, which was required of all citizens. Socrates was widely known for his bravery and courageousness, traits that showed ...view middle of the document...

Socrates believed that philosophy’s main goal should be to gain practical results for the greater well-being of society. Socrates sought to establish an ethical system based on human reason rather than religious beliefs. He declared that human decision and action is motivated by our desire for happiness. Wisdom is ultimately achieved through knowing oneself. The more a person knows, the the better his or her ability to understand how to live a life that will bring true happiness. Socrates believed that this belief could be used in politics, and that with the best form of government was, in fact, neither a tyranny nor a democracy. Government actually worked best when individuals who possessed a complete understanding of themselves were in positions of power.

I think Socrates has influenced all of our lives in a very dramatic fashion. On an educational level, he created the Socratic method, which is what our entire scientific system is based off of. Many believe that the Socratic method is simply the best way of learning, not only in science, but in all academia. But the true reason why Socrates is my favorite philosopher is his utter fearlessness. Socrates faced his death with readiness and unfailing belief in his ideals. This is truly the reason why his philosophy and story has been passed down as an example through the generations. The most important lesson Socrates taught us was to stand by your beliefs through thick and thin, and to never give in to a life you disagree with, even when faced with death.

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