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Philosophy Of Music Essay

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Intro to Music Education
Philosophy of Music Education
My Philosophy of Music Education

Music is more than just notes on a page, pitches, and rhythms. Its more than just learning how to play an instrument or learning to sing well. Its an emotional learning experience, where not only are you physically involved, but you are emotionally involved to the point where your soul is touched. Music can express things in a way that words are inadequate of accomplishing. Music is a universal language of beauty. It brings people together, promises hope, peace and joy, and heals even the deepest of wounds. To me, music is something that speaks to me and impacts my life in very powerful ways and I ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, teachers must be encouraging and always helpful to their students, but also never satisfied with the progress they are making. A teacher must know the fine line for pushing students to gain mastery of their craft, but not losing the encouraging aspect and straying from stressing the real, deeper meaning of music. Teachers should teach for the students and not for themselves, making them and their knowledge in the specific area of study, a resource for their students to grow and learn.
I truly believe that music is the expressing of one's soul. Music has helped me through some of the toughest times in my life, and I cannot imagine what I would be without it. Music is an encourager, a spiritual healer and a way to reach people who don't connect with other forms of communication. Music touches people in ways words and pictures cannot. I believe that music can impact someone's life in a very positive way. Music can have a life-changing effect on a person's life and that in itself is such a powerful thing. Music has changed my life completely and if I did not have music in it, I'm not sure I would be the same person I am today. I believe that music can have an incredible impact on a students life, even if they are not interested in pursuing it as a career one day. Music creates well-rounded individuals by introducing them to different cultures, different styles of music and learning about what it took and how this music was made. Music is a very unique learning experience that allows those involved to learn actively and grow in their skills.
I believe that learning happens best when students are emotionally engaged and when the instructor is there to learn with them. It is important for instructors to be there for their students and establish a good relationship with them so they know you care for them, but also not crossing the line where they are compromising their position as a leader or an authority. Learning happens through many different ways for different people, but having a variety of learning styles and techniques will assure the learning and development of each student. This inclusion is extremely important because it insures that every student regardless of their learning style will be accounted for. Their voices and opinions matter and if ignored, learning becomes not their own. The classroom environment should be a place of positive attitude and understanding nature. When students feel judged by their instructor or peers, they are afraid to go out...

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