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Philosophy Of Education Essay

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Philosophy of Education
The many different ways that students learn is what we call the philosophies of educations. Throughout the experience in this class I would not have had the chance to learn so much that I know I will be able to take with me in my future of becoming a teacher. The many philosophies inform us that not every student is the same and, we as teachers need to take the time to truly figure out what will be most excellent for our future classroom.
Getting the chance to take this class has helped me really understand what my philosophy of education is going to be. Through all of our discussions I tend to see myself always leaning to ...view middle of the document...

I feel as if this class helped me even open my eyes to the world around me and got me thinking what teaching really is all about.
Also while being in this class we got the chance of going out in the field of work and getting the chance to be hands on with real students and situations. I feel as if this helped me concrete the fact that my philosophy of teaching is all about taking it back to reality and the world around us. I got the chance to go into a church setting and teach classes. For my personal experience I was uncomfortable at first until I loosened up with just relating to them the best I knew I could. Since I was in a church setting I would tell stories and situations of when I was younger which really caught the kids attentions. This lead me back to the progressivism philosophy because I was teaching the students more real life experiences an something that they could take away and learn from. By going out an being in the field it really made it clear to me that my philosophy of education from the beginning is something I know I can stick with an help me in my future of becoming a teacher.
Being a teacher means we need to focus on what is best for our students and try our all to teach them in the light of what we think will further them in life. This class has opened my eyes to the world of education and has given me situation to work with which helped create my own philosophy of education. I am now looking forward to my future and what is in store for me when one day I have a classroom of my own.

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