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Philosophy And Sociology Essay

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1.0 Definition / Scope

Sociologists, Social Psychologists, anthropologists, as well as Educationalists and Politicians use the word “Socialization” in reference to the process through which an individual inherits the norms, customs and ideologies of the social order they live in. Socialization is necessary for making an individual capable of interacting within the society and a society itself shares the common values, customs, norms, traditions languages etc.
Socialization is the process whereby the helpless infant gradually becomes a ...view middle of the document...

The general process of acquiring culture is referred to as socialization. During this process, we learn the language of the culture we are born into. While socialization refers to the general process of acquiring culture, Anthropologists use the term ‘Enculturation’ for the process of being socialized into a particular culture.

Sometimes, the learning is fun, as when we learn a new sport, art or musical techniques from a friend we like. At other times, social learning is painful, as when we learn not to drive too fast by receiving a large fine for speeding or being punished severely as learning not to go to school late.
Socialization can take the forms of being natural and planned; natural socialization occurs when infants and youngsters explore, play and discover the social world around them. And the planned socialization occurs when other people take actions designed to teach or train others from infancy on.
Natural socialization is easily seen, looking at the young of any mammalian species. Planned socialization is mostly a human phenomenon; and all through history, people have been making plans for teaching or training others.

In another point of view, socialization process can be viewed from the angles of being positive and negative. The positive socialization is the type of learning process based on pleasurable and exciting experience- we tend to love people who fill our social learning process with positive motivation, loving care, rewarding opportunities. Negative socialization occurs when others use punishment, harsh criticism or anger to try to teach “teach us a lesson” and often we come to dislike both the negative socialization and the people who impose it on us. The more positive a social learning experience we have, the happier we tend to be.
A high rate of negative to positive socialization can make a person unhappy, defeated and pessimistic about life.

The more we know about the socialization process the more effective we can be in directing our future, learning in the ways that will help us most. As a person moves through the society he needs to alter his behaviour according to individuals and agents of society.
3.0 Agents of Socialization
As a person moves through society, he needs to alter his behaviour according to the individual and agents of society. In a society, an individual or institution has the task of inculcating the social order in an individual. These individuals or institutions are called as the agents of socialization. The transfer of rules, expectations, values, etc. is carried out by these agents of socialization

Socialization can occur outside of these agents but society rules on these agents doing most of the socialization. Totalitarian societies attempt to establish official agents of socialization but in democratic societies, no government agency licenses or certifies them.
According to the agents of socialization definition, it is the people like parents and peers, social...

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