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Philippine History Essay

305 words - 2 pages

Cebu Institute of Medicine
Cebu city


Hospital No.: 14-56992
Date: 09/11/14

NAME: Basmayor, Benigna AGE: 78 SEX: F
PRE-OPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: End Stage Renal Disease 2º to Hypertensive Nephropathy
SURGEON: Dr. Requerdo Baclig 1ST ASSIST: PGI Dionson
2ND ASSIST: SIIC Lagon NURSE: Mae Celeste Gallega

OPERATIVE FINDING: ...view middle of the document...

• Local anesthesia using Xylocaine 2% was infiltrated.
• A 6cm longitudinal incision was made at the ventral aspect at the proximal 1/3 of the forearm.
• Proximal radial artery was located and tagged for easier location and small veins near the artery were cut.
• Local anesthesia was then introduced inside the operative site.
• Cephalic vein was located and was dilated using dilators of increasing caliber until 3.5 and the distal part of the vein was cut to ensure the durability of the anastomosis.
• Operative site was cleansed with NSS.
• A small incision was made on the radial artery where the vein was anastomosed using a 3-0 Prolene suture.
• A thrill was palpated proximal to the AVF to check for patency.
• The longitudinal incision was then closed by using 3-0 Prolene suture in a simple uninterrupted manner.
• Operative site was then cleansed with NSS and Povidone-Iodine solution and covered with sterile OS and wrapped with elastic bandage. Operation was then terminated.

________________________ ________________________
Dr. Requerdo Baclig Armando S. Lagon Jr.

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