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The growth of the Internet is unbelievably rapid, more new devices and services coming out generation by generation. Billions and billions of people are using the Internet and thus internet is becoming one of the most essentialities for nowadays people in the whole world. Of the internet services, electronic mail is the most basic and widely-used services. All email users from any location are communicating each other by sending and receiving email messages over the internet for different purposes. However, email is not a secure method of communication.
As email packets have to be routed through many networks over the internet, there grows a large ...view middle of the document...

Applying the PGP program which will give confidentiality and authentication features will improve the security of electronic mailing system.

1.3 PGP Security Features
PGP provides a variety of security features for electronic mail:
• Confidentiality
• Authentication
• Message Integrity
• Non-repudiation of origin
Confidentiality protects the contents of the email message by encrypting against the unauthorized disclosure. No one other than the authorized recipient can read the message.
Data origin authentication permits the authorized receiver of the message to reliably determine the identity of the sender. Only an authorized receiver can authenticate it.
Message integrity provides the authorized recipient of the message assurance that the message has not been altered in transit. The message received that needs to be identical to the message being sent can be verified by using the PGP program.
Non-repudiation of the original sender is the feature that allows one person to forward the message to another email user, who can validate the identity of the original sender.

1.4 Benefits of the Proposed System

• As all the algorithms used for message encryption, session-key encryption, hash code generation and hash code encryption are integrated together in the proposed PGP encryption scheme, it eliminates the need for operating multiple, disparate management systems for deploying, managing, and supporting one or more encryption applications.
• Hybrid encryption system is used in the proposed system that the biggest challenge of key exchange between the users can be covered [12].

1.5 Organization of the Thesis
The basic concepts of the Pretty Good Privacy protocol and its security features are introduced in Chapter 1. The remaining parts of this book are background theory, proposed system operations, implementation of the program for proposed PGP protocol, and finally the conclusion of the system.
Chapter 2 discusses the basic theory of cryptography and PGP protocol. Chapter 3 analyzes the operations and procedures of the PGP program suites and the implementation of the whole system for this thesis is explained in Chapter 4. Conclusion, advantages, limitations and further extensions of the system are expressed in Chapter 5.


2.1 Security Trends
In 1994, The Internet Architecture Board (IAB) issued a report entitled “Security in the Internet Architecture”. The report stated the general consensus that the Internet needs more and better security, and it identified key areas for security mechanisms. Among these were (1) the need to secure the network infrastructure from unauthorized monitoring and control of network traffic, and (2) the need to secure end-user-to-end-user traffic using authentication and encryption mechanisms.
These concerns are fully justified. As confirmation, consider the trends...

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