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Peter The Great Essay

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Peter the Great
Introduction about Peter the great…
Peter the Great ,Peter Peter l or pytor Alexeyevich Romanov ruled the tsardom of Russia and later the Russian Empire from 7 May [O.. 27 April] 1682 until his death , jointly ruling before 1696 with his half –brother…

Life of Peter the Great…
Peter the Great was born on June 9th, 1672 and he was from Moscow and he died February 8th, 1725 Saint Petersburg. He have six kids and their names are... Alexe, Tsarevich, Duke, Anna, Elizabeth, Duchesse. Peter full name is: Peter Alekse Tevich Roman and the parents that gave him his name is :{ MOTHER} Alexis l Russia and his {FATHER} Natalia Naryshkina… and his {SISTER} Sophia Alekseyevna … h
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The position changed when Feodor died in 1682.

More About Peter The Great…
Peter The Great had two wives with whom he had fourteen children three of them survived to adulthood his eldest child and heir Alexeis was suspected of being involved in a plot to overthrow the emperor. Alexeis was tried and confessed under torture through questioning conducted by a secular court. Peter the great was convicted and sentenced to be executed.

Great Northern War
Peter made a temporary peace with the Ottoman Empire that allowed him to keep the captured fort of Azov and turned his attention to Russian maritime supremacy. He sought to acquire control of the Baltic Sea which had been taken by the Swedish Empire a half century earlier. Peter declared war on Sweden which was at the time lead by king Charles Xll. Sweden was also opposed by Denmark Norway Saxony and the polish Lithuananian commonwealth.

Later years of Peter the Great
Peter last years was marked by Further reform in Russia on October 22nd 1721 soon after peace was made with Sweden he was officially proclaimed Emperor of all Russian. Some proposed that he take the title Emperor of the east but he refused.

In the winter of 1723 Peter whose overall health was never robust began having problems with his urinary tract and bladder in the summer of 1724 of a team of doctors performed surgery releasing upwards of four pounds of blocked urine. Peter remained bedridden until late autumn in the first week of October restless and certain he was cured Peter began a lengthy inspection tour of various projects Peter died between four and five in the morning February 8th 1725 he was 52 seven months old when he died having reigned forty two years.



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