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Pest Marks And Spencer Essay

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According to "BBC News 30th January 2006" Marks & Spencer would be the first retailer to go down the Fair-trade route on both clothing and food. The fair-trade policy, include cut salt and fat in M&S foods, recycled packaging and animal welfare protection. Marks & Spencer Chief Stuart Rose noted, "Customers want good value, but they care more than ever how food and clothing products are made" (BBC, 2006).


Current economic position of the company is very uncertain. The UK retail market showed a low growth of 1.2%, third lowest in the past 40 years ...view middle of the document...

Marketers cannot control such factors, but they must take them into account". (Armstrong and Kotler, 2008)

In the Guardian (2006), Chief Executive of Marks & Spencer Stuart Rose wanted to stretch the company brand, for example he considered selling food online to become a multi-channel retailer, to keep up with the competitive market such as Asda. Asda and Marks & Spencer appeal to different markets in terms of social class and other demographics; so it influences the way they respond.


"Brand should always communicate with the audience. Marketers spend huge amounts on advertising to create brand awareness and to build preference and loyalty":
Marks and spencer is one of the most advertised companies in the UK. The face of their company is celebrity icon Myleen Class who appears on the TV adverts and on their website modeling the M&S clothing. Their advertisments involve younger female audience by using celebrities such as Twiggy, Erin O'Connor and Noemie Lenoir.
Their website is attractive, bright, very easy to use and informative about the news of the brand. M&S also nowadays include e-commerce, what makes shopping easier for the consumers, since they can choose products at home and collect at place or even be transported to their house for a fair price. (Marks & Spencer, 2012)

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