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Pert Cpm Essay

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CPM (Critical Path Method) determines the longest path and the critical activities along this path in a project network; the project completion time can't be shorter than the duration of this longest path unless such techniques as time crashing are used. PERT (Program Evaluation and Review Technique) incorporates probabilistic elements into the computation of activity durations and hence the project completion time; PERT uses optimistic (o), most probable (m), and pessimistic (p) activity times to estimate the expected activity times. Expected time is given by (o + 4m + p) / 6 and variance is given by ((p - o)/6)2 . The reason for dividing by 6 is ...view middle of the document...

11 |
B | 8 | .44 |
C | 6 | 0 |
D | 4 | .11 |
E | 3 | .11 |
F | 10 | .44 |
G | 7 | .11 |
H | 14 | 1.78 |
I | 12 | .44 |

The project network diagram based on the expected values in the table above is depicted below:

C 5,11 6 H 12,264

5 6,12 20,34
4 F 12
0,5 1,6 22,34 22,34
12,22 12,22
LS LF 8,12 8,12 10 I


0,8 7
0,8 D 11,18
8 G 15,22
E 8,11 3


The numbers in brackets above the arrows show the earliest start (ES) and earliest finish (EF) for each activity respectively whereas the numbers in brackets below the arrows show the latest start (LS) and latest finish (LF) times respectively. EF = ES + activity duration and LF = LS + activity duration Activity...

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