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Persuasive Speech

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Four ways that an earthquake can cause a lot of destruction is landslides, fires, mudslides, and Tsunamis. These are four examples of some of the most destructive natural disasters but believe it or not it is not all of the work done by earthquakes. Earth quakes cause some of the most extreme damage due by natural disasters. The damage and death of life that happens during an earthquake comes also from falling structures, falling glass and other dangerous objects. The flexible structures built on bedrock are generally more resistant to earthquake damage than rigid structures built on loose soil which helps a lot when an earthquake occurs. These are the four and what happens when they occur
Landslides are when rocks and earth from ...view middle of the document...

An earthquake can create destruction is a Tsunami. Tsunamis are the result of a sudden vertical offset in the ocean floor, which can indeed be triggered by intense earthquakes. Essentially, tsunamis are creatures of the open Ocean, or trains of great waves that can travel long distances across the sea. As a tsunami approaches the shore, the water depth decreases, the front of the wave slows down, and the wave grows dramatically in height and surges unexpectedly onto the land.
The next different way an earth quake can cause destruction is a Fire. Fires that begin as a result of earthquake activity are often uncontrollable and can cause the most damage. Flammable materials or debris released from the earthquake feed the flames of the fire, thus causing it to spread out of control. Water mains are broken as a result of the powerful earthquake vibrations, therefore, no water is available for firefighters to put out the flames and rescue the people. This is really bad because fires spreading everywhere with no chance to be put out no time soon.
The fourth and last way is a mudslide. Mudslides develop when water rapidly collects in the ground and results in a surge of water-soaked rock, earth and debris. Mudslides usually begin on steep slopes and can be triggered by natural disasters. Mudslides can occur at any time of the year, regardless of weather conditions, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency. They occur in all 50 states and can happen with or without rainfall. Construction and reckless modification of land for example as not draining an area properly before building on or near it can also create the conditions that are great for a mudslide.

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