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Persuasive Email Essay

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Dear John Smith,

I am writing to you in response to the recent e-mail I have received from the CEO of our company regarding the cutting off of access to social networking. I am rather disappointed in this decision. Since the creation of social networking websites, companies have reached an unprecedented number of consumers. These social networking websites allow employees to communicate with their colleagues in a more “coming of age” way than e-mail. I ...view middle of the document...

• Social networking gives our business the opportunity to reach out to our consumers; if our consumers are using social networking, such as Facebook and Twitter, we should be as well.
• Social networking gives our business a chance to “show up” our competition; after all, our competitors are using social networking as well.
• Social networking gives excellent brand exposure and opens up conversation about our business.

Tons of companies have taken advantage of social networking in order to communicate with their consumers. Companies such as Johnson & Johnson all the way to McDonalds have created blogs to highlight the assets of their businesses. The media has smashed McDonalds for years. Their use of blogs allows them to reassure their customers of their social responsibility efforts.

I have been working for this company for many years and have complete respect for everyone it in. As a member of this business I find myself obligated to speak out on this new policy. I am only looking out for the better of the company. I hope we can make a change to this new policy as a team. Please contact me at or (444-555-6666).

Thank you,

Arielle Tighe

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