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Perspectives On The French Economy Essay

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Perspectives on the French Economy
National Economic Analysis for International Business

Glen Letterle
Ingrid Smith
Brooke Thedford
Patricia Lewis

The current French economy is a mixed system of public, private and state owned organizations. Although the government plays a larger role in funding and sharing some ownership with public firms, France continues to be both capitalistic and market-oriented.

Frances current GDP is about 2.9 trillion dollars (U.S.), which grew by 2% from 2013. Their population is roughly 66.2 million people and the average income is high, around $44,000 per capita. Of the total population, about 56%, or 37 million, are considered to be ...view middle of the document...

GEOS Analysis
Overall, France ranks very well across the board of governance, economics, operations and society.  France has ranked very high amongst other countries and the statistics below how it has effected spending, budgeting and the economy as a whole.
Reference table in the paragraph and give a table # / elaborate on the meaning of the scores

Table 1.1

The French consumer confidence index is an indicator designed to measure the degree of optimism on the state of the economy that consumers are expressing through their activities of savings and spending. Through this graph we can determine that France’s confidence is rather high, which is great for business owners. The high confidence percentages demonstrates consumers are more likely to spend which will likely stimulate the economy. Despite a having a weak second quarter, the French economy is expected to regain momentum in the second half of the year due to a weak euro and low energy prices. Government Budget is an itemized accounting of payments received by government (taxes and other fees) and the payments made by government (purchases and transfer payments). A budget deficit occurs when a government expenditures exceed taxes.  This effects the over economy, the confidence level, spending and saving amongst consumers.

The bond market is a great predictor of future economic activity and future levels of inflation, both of which directly affect the price of everything from stocks to household items. Here we can see that in recent years France has taken a nosedive in bonds. A lower supply of money, due to the treasury's sale of bonds, translates to reduced inflation.

Table 1.2 Table 1.3

Analysis of short-run policy conditions
France’s productivity has been somewhat steady in recent years besides earlier this year. However it made a steady increase and is returning to its average of 111. 25. The government had expected the 2015 deficit to be reduced to 2.8% of GDP, but now projects that it will actually reach 4.3% of GDP. The government also recognized that it will be unable to meet the 3.0% of GDP deficit ceiling stipulated in the Eurozone fiscal rules until 2017, which is four years later than originally planned. French government announced on October 27th that it would cut its budget deficit by an additional EUR 3.6 billion. The government stated that it would do so by using gains from lower interest charges on its debt and lower contributions to the EU budget. The new measure is expected to trim France’s structural deficit by 0.5% of GDP next year, which is an improvement over the 0.2% of GDP cut the government had previously promised. The 3.6% of GDP deficit that had been targeted for 2014 was supported by an optimistic GDP growth projection. The government initially estimated that GDP would grow 0.9% in 2014, but revised this...

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