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Perspectives Groups Essay

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Erin Hepler
Grand Canyon University: EDU-313 N Educational Psychology
May 5, 2013
Prospective Groups

As teachers we will be faced with the challenge of working with children who have many different learning abilities, characteristics, and differences among them. These differences can be identified by culture, learning style, and special ability. Let us take a look at a group of students who have different learning abilities. Those three groups are students with ADHD, Down Syndrome, and Autism. We will take a look at some of the common characteristics these three groups of students have, some challenges that an educator My have to overcome when it comes to teaching that particular ...view middle of the document...

Also, each of these groups of students needs to have very consistent routine and everyday changes in the schedule can be hard for them to follow; yet again because of their short attention spans. Last all three of these groups have a hard time staying focused and staying in their seats when it is supposed to be quiet time. They have other things on their mind and can only focus on that particular thing.
What are some special challenges an educator may face when trying to accommodate this group of students? One problem is meeting the needs of all children in the classroom. If there was a child with ADHD, Down syndrome, and autism in the classroom these students would really need some extra attention to help them be able to succeed in the regular classroom. Keeping that in mind it would be very important for the teacher to plan lessons that meet the needs of all the children in the classroom without making the typically developing students feel bored. This can be a hard task, but with practice it can be done. The teacher would need to know how to adapt the lesson on the spot to keep all the children focused and entertained. The children with special needs may need less problems or certain adaptations made to be able to be successful on the assignment. Also, the teacher needs to be prepared for any behavior problems that could result due to the children’s disabilities. Therefore, the teacher would have to know how to entertain the other children in the classroom while she is handling discipline problems. This can be a hard task to accomplish at times as children often follow what they see. Last, the teacher would have to become familiar with best practices on how all the children learn best, but become familiar with several of the characteristics of the group of students with disabilities especially so that they can ensure they are approaching them in the best ways possible.
What special learning opportunities can be offered by such a group presented in class? First and foremost, the teacher at times will have to change how she teaches in order to meet the needs of these particular children in the classroom. All three groups have a hard time sitting still for long periods of time; therefore the teacher would want to incorporate some movement activities in the lesson to give the children a chance to get up and move around. However, this could benefit the class as a whole as no young child can sit for long periods at a time. Also, by having this group of students in the classroom it can help all the children to learn to respect such differences. It would teach the typically developing children that there are always children who are different than they are and that it is important to accept each other for who they are. The typically developing students can learn from the children with disabilities by acting as a mentor and learning how these students learn best and ways to help them to succeed. Last, it provides learning opportunities for all...

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